Acosta Says There’s ‘No Evidence’ Obama Tried Influencing The 2016 Election, Bongino Fires Back: ‘Is This A Joke?’

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At Wednesday’s press conference, President Trump questioned how much involvement former President Barack Obama had in the suspected attempt to rig of the 2016 election through the weaponization of America’s intelligence community.

Trump suggested,”Maybe it goes right up to President Obama” when he was asked about the DOJ probe of the 2016 election.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta took to Twitter after seeing the President’s remarks and attempted to fact-check him.

Acosta tweeted: “Trump on DOJ probe of 2016 election: ‘Maybe it goes right up to President Obama. I happen to think it does.’ (Fact check: There is no evidence of this)”

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Upon seeing Acosta’s tweet, Dan Bongino fired back and questioned whether Jim was being serious or if he is just misinformed. See Below

“Is this a joke? Or is it Acosta demonstrating how little he really knows about the case?” Bongino asked.

He then pointed out four pieces of evidence that have implications showing Obama may have had direct knowledge of potential FISA abuse used against President Trump during around the time of the 2016 election. And they are as follows:

-“POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing” (In reference to FBI texts)
-“The WH is running this” (In reference to Strzok/Page texts)
-McCabe emails concerned about coordinating story w/CIA before WH meeting
-Brennan testify to coordination w/the WH See Below

Dan Bongino Fires Back At Acosta

In ending, here is video of Bill O’Reilly sounding off on the prospects of the DOJ uncovering wrongdoing by former Obama officials in their 2016 election probe: