Mike Huckabee Slams Romney After Admitting To Having A Secret ‘Pierre Delecto’ Account

[Image Source: Fox News Video screenshots. Swamp Drain Compilation]

Never-Trumper Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), on Sunday, appeared to confirm a shadow Twitter account with the handle @qaws9876 with the name Pierre Delecto to “keep tabs on the political conversation.”

The Twitter account does not have a profile picture, and it is private. The account follows 702 users and has 1,172 followers. The Washington Examiner reported that Delecto does not follow President Trump’s account.

A writer for The Atlantic, who just wrote a profile on the Utah Republican and his tense relationship with the president, asked Romney about the mystery Twitter account. He said Romney responded in the affirmative: “C’est moi,” which in French means “It’s me,” as reported by Fox News.

The Atlantic reported, “That’s kind of what he does,” Romney said with a shrug, and then got up to retrieve an iPad from his desk. He explained that he uses a secret Twitter account—“What do they call me, a lurker?”—to keep tabs on the political conversation. “I won’t give you the name of it,” he said, but “I’m following 668 people.”

Many of the comments made through the “Pierre Delecto” account were to anti-Romney voices where Romney, through his anonymous account, would defend himself. He also ‘liked’ many anti-Trump tweets promoted by liberals, as reported by Trending Politics.

Many took to social media to make fun of Sen. Romney’s secret Twitter account and name, Pierre Delecto, where ultimately he got roasted. (Continued Below)

Sen. Mitt Romney’s secret account: “Pierre Delecto”:



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Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee reacted to the news of Sen. Romney’s secret Twitter account and slammed Romey: “How sad. A US Senator created a fake name for Twitter and became ‘Pierre Delcto.’ (sic) Hiding behind a pseudonym is what kids, cowards, couch potatoes, or perverts like ‘Carlos Danger’ do.

Pastor Darrell Scott also chimed in and tweeted, “‘Pierre Delecto’??? Sounds like Mitt Romneys Porn Name or something.”

Donald Trump Jr. responded and said, “If Mitt Romney had any guts the would take on media directly rather than with a fake twitter account, but he doesn’t. He only says things that will ingratiate him to the same MSM that destroyed him during his failed run. They’re using him and he doesn’t even get it. Sad!”

Mark Levin asked, “Is Romney 14 years old? He’s getting stranger by the day.”

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka asked, “What’s the French for “pathetic loser? #PierreDelecto”

Buck Sexton tweeted, “Mitt Romney is a sitting Senator worth hundreds of millions of dollars who feels the need to operate a sock puppet twitter account to snark at people and pump himself up And Mitt is supposed to be the #neverTrumper leader with the *most* gravitas.”

Jack Posobiec posted a video clip showing things that “Pierre Delecto” liked and wrote, “Pierre Delecto was full on Ahoy Twitter”.

Tim Young said, “According to Twitter rules, Mitt Romney should be banned for his fake Pierre Delecto account… But since he’s the #NeverTrump spokep***y, he’ll never be banned.”

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We leave you with Terrence William’s reaction: