Reporter Suggests Sen. Graham Is Interfering In The Impeachment Process, Graham Levels Her: ‘If We Were Doing This, You’d Be Beating The Sh*t Out Of Us’

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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) held a press conference Thursday to introduce a Senate Resolution that condemns the House of Representatives’ “closed-door impeachment inquiry”, which is being led by House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

“If you can drive down a president’s poll numbers by having proceedings where you selectively leak information, where the president who’s the subject of all this– is pretty much shut out, God help future presidents,” Graham told reporters.

At the beginning of the month, Pat. A Cipollone, counsel to the President, sent a scathing letter to House Democrats, in response to what he called their “numerous, legally unsupported demands” for a “partisan and unconstitutional impeachment inquiry.”

Republicans have also argued that there is a lack of transparency in the Democrats’ impeachment process, to which they stormed the SCIF on Wednesday in the Capitol Hill basement, and delayed one of the House witnesses’ depositions.

Graham’s resolution calls for Republicans to be granted equal subpoena power in all proceedings. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) worked alongside Sen. Lindsey Graham on the resolution, and 46 Republican Senators have currently signed onto the resolution, according to Graham.

During his Thursday press conference, however, a reporter suggested that Sen. Graham and Republicans are interfering in the impeachment process. The South Carolina Senator leveled her. (Continued Below)

“If someone had tried to interfere in with the House impeachment process back in the ’90s, under [Bill] Clinton, how would you have reacted?” the reporter asked Sen. Graham.

“I think if we were doing this, you’d be beating the sh*t out of us!” Sen. Graham declared.

“I think if a Republican were doing to a Democrat, what we’re doing, you would be all over me,” Graham added. “And I think it says a lot about people in your business, with all due respect. I am confident that if we had an Intel Committee inquiry, involving a Democratic president, where we selectively leaked stuff, you would be calling us every kind of bad name, and we would deserve it. So, what I am saying is there is a right way to do it, and a wrong way to do it, and this a ‘dangerous’ way to do it.” (Videos Below)

Sen. Graham’s response to the reporter:

Senator Graham’s full press conference:

(Continued Below)

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s resolution condemning House of Representatives’ closed-door impeachment process:

Senator Lindsey Graham also tweeted:

“Every American should be disturbed by what is taking place in the House of Representatives regarding the attempt to impeach President @realDonaldTrump,” he wrote. “One of the cornerstones of American jurisprudence is due process – the right to confront your accuser, call witnesses on your behalf, and challenge the accusations against you. None of this is occurring in the House,” he wrote.

(Continued Below)

He continued, “The Graham-McConnell resolution: 1️⃣ calls on the House of Representatives, prior to proceeding any further with its impeachment investigation into President Trump, to vote to initiate a formal impeachment inquiry.”

“2) calls on the House to provide President Trump, like every other American, with due process, to include the ability to confront his accusers, call witnesses on his behalf, and have a basic understanding of the accusations against him that would form any basis for impeachment,” Graham wrote.

“3) calls on the House of Representatives to provide members of the minority with the ability to participate fully in all proceedings and have equal authority to issue subpoenas and other compulsory process,” he added.

He added, “UPDATE from PRESS CONFERENCE: I did not mean to leave some with the impression the White House needed to hire a new team to handle impeachment. My interactions with the White House were in regards to a more coordinated strategy dealing with impeachment. What is in development at the White House is the emphasis on a strategy — not personnel.”

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