Blumenthal Accuses Trump & Barr Of ‘Weaponizing’ The DOJ, Warns Them Not To Cross The ‘Line’

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Democrats appear to be agitated since learning that John Durham has shifted his investigation to a full-blown criminal inquiry.

Soon after The New York Times broke the news of Durham’s criminal inquiry, Democrat House committee chairmen Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff issued a joint statement condemning the latest move by the Justice Department.

In their statement, Nadler and Schiff voiced concern that the Justice Department has become a “vehicle for President Trump’s political revenge” that will cause “irreparable damage” to the rule of law.

Just hours later, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) targeted both President Trump and Attorney General William Barr, where he accused the pair of “weaponizing” the Department of Justice.

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The Democrat senator also warned both Trump and Barr “this line must not be crossed.” See Below

“Trump&AG Barr are politically weaponizing DOJ—threatening a return to it’s darkest days,” Blumenthal said in a tweet.

“Targeting law enforcers as enemies—simply because they have the spine to stand up to corrupt power—is deeply dangerous, indeed chilling, he added.”

“This line must not be crossed,” Blumenthal warned. See Below

Senator Blumenthal’s Official Tweet

Are Democrats scared?

Just days ago, Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh warned that Democrats are “scared to death” of colliding with any damning findings that could surface from Durham’s investigation. Are the statements by Blumenthal, Schiff, Nadler & other Democrats showing signs they are “scared to death” as Rush suggested?

You can see Rush’s full remarks on the subject by CLICKING HERE.

In ending, here is video of President Trump weighing in on news of Durham’s criminal inquiry: