Catherine Herridge Exposes The Law Colonel Vindman May Have Violated With His Post-Ukraine Phone Call Actions

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Army Lt. Col Kernal Alexander Vindman appeared on Capitol Hill to testify before congressional leaders in a closed-door deposition on Tuesday. Vindman is a member of the National Security Council and joined in July 2018. He was in the Situation Room listening in on President Trump’s July 25 call with Ukraine President Zelensky.

In his opening statement, that was released beforehand appearing on Capitol Hill, Vindman claimed he was “so concerned by what he had heard on the phone call”, which prompted him to report it to the National Security Council Legal Advisor, and Deputy Counsel to the President for National Security Affairs, John Eisenberg.

In his opening statement, Lt. Col Kernal Alexander Vindman said, “I was concerned by the call. I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a U.S. citizen, and I was worried about the implications for the U.S. government’s support of Ukraine. I realized that if Ukraine pursued an investigation into the Biden’s and Burisma, it would likely be interpreted as a partisan play, which would undoubtedly result in Ukraine losing bipartisan support it has thus far maintained. This would all undermine U.S. national security.”

Fox News’ Chief Intelligence correspondent, Catherine Herridge, however, pointed out that during Vindman’s deposition on Tuesday, he told congressional lawmakers that he is “not the whistleblower”, but “immediately had objections to the content of the calls and shared that with his chain of command.”

“One thing that caught my attention is that Vindman said he shared it with people who were relevant and had sort of a ‘need to know’ and ‘proper security clearances,'” Herridge said. “The reason that matters is that presidential phone calls are ‘highly classified’, and if they’re shared with people who don’t have a ‘need to know’, that would be a potential violation of the ‘leaking statute’, which is 18 U.S.C. 798”. (18 U.S.C. 798: Disclosure of classified information)

On Tuesday, House Intelligence Chairman, Adam Schiff (D-CA), repeatedly shut down the Republicans line of questioning, including who Vindman talked to after the July 25th phone call. “In other words, who did he share the contents with that call with? And is there a connection to the whistleblower?” Herridge asked. (Continued Below)

“Chairman Schiff has prevented the witness from answering ‘certain questions’ we have during the deposition,” Rep. Jim Jordan announced Tuesday during a fiery press conference. “One of the things you do in these depositions is you ask the basics: who, what, where, when, why?”

“When we asked [Vindman] who he spoke to after important events in July — Adam Schiff says, ‘No, no, no, we’re not going to let him answer that question,’” Jordan revealed. “Even though, at the start of every one of these depositions, [Schiff] says these are not classified.”

Jordan said that Schiff seemed to be breaking his own rules for the hearings, implying that the chairman was acting almost as a “lawyer” for Vindman. “They don’t need Adam Schiff being Chairman and lawyer, but that’s in effect what happened today,” he added. (Continued Below)

The President swiped back on Twitter Tuesday morning before Vindman’s deposition: “Why are people that I never even heard of testifying about the call. Just READ THE CALL TRANSCRIPT AND THE IMPEACHMENT HOAX IS OVER! Ukrain (sic) said NO PRESSURE.”

He went on to write: “Supposedly, according to the Corrupt Media, the Ukraine call ‘concerned’ today’s Never Trumper witness. Was he on the same call that I was? Can’t be possible! Please ask him to read the Transcript of the call. Witch Hunt!”

The President also tweeted: “How many more Never Trumpers will be allowed to testify about a perfectly appropriate phone call when all anyone has to do is READ THE TRANSCRIPT! I knew people were listening in on the call (why would I say something inappropriate?), which was fine with me, but why so many?”

Additionally, the Commander in Chief wondered, “Where’s the Whistleblower? Just read the Transcript, everything else is made up garbage by Shifty Schiff and the Never Trumpers!”

Both President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky have stated that there was “no pressure” placed on Ukraine to conduct investigations. The transcript can be read [HERE]. (Video Below)

Also expected to testify this week are Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Kathryn Wheelbarger and the National Security Council’s current Russia and Europe director Tim Morrison, as reported by Fox News.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday the House will vote Thursday on a resolution to formalize – and establish the parameters of – the Trump impeachment inquiry.

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