Rudy Giuliani Shoots Down The Claim That He Pursued A Business Opportunity In Ukraine: “FAKE NEWS”

GiulianiSky News Video Screen Shot

Rudy Giuliani fired back after The New York Times published a hit-piece that targeted business negotiations with the Ukrainian government that Giuliani was alleged to have considered at the same time he was trying to dig up dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden.

The Times claims to have obtained and reviewed documents that show Giuliani “privately pursued hundreds of thousands of dollars in business from Ukrainian government officials.”

Multiple alleged proposals that were laid out by The New York Times involved the Ukrainian government paying Giuliani’s law firm up to $300,000 if he helped them find “stolen money.”

However, the report also indicates that nothing was ever finalized in the dealings, and there is no proof that Rudy’s firm ever received payments from the Ukrainian government.

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Giuliani reacted on Twitter after learning of the report by The New York Times. See Below

Giuliani tweeted the hashtag “#FAKENEWS” and said, “I did NOT pursue a business opportunity in Ukraine, as they misrepresented.”

I could have helped them recover $7B in stolen money, but I didn’t, he added. “Was paid ZERO.”

“They attack me because I have exposed their hypocrisy & how they covered up Biden’s massive corruption!” he declared. See Below

Rudy Giuliani’s Official Tweet

In a seperate pair of tweets, Giuliani slammed the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment effort against President Trump, and praised a new Quinnipiac poll that shows more Americans are now against impeachment then they are for it.

We leave you with those tweets: