Protestor Interrupts Chairman Nadler During His Opening Statement: “Americans Are Sick Of Your Impeachment Sham”

[Image Source: PBS Newshour & Twitter Video Screenshots. Swamp Drain Compilation].

On Monday during the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry hearing in the House Judiciary Committee, Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), opened with the committee’s rules for the hearing and attempted to begin his opening statement.

However, during his opening, a pro-Trump protestor stood up and began yelling, accusing Nadler of “committing treason” by trying to remove President Trump from office.

Owen Shroyer, the host of Infowars “War Room”, was identified as the protestor that interrupted the hearing.

He yelled at Nadler and the other Democrats, accusing them of trying to change the outcome of the 2016 presidential election by going through with impeaching President Trump over his contacts with Ukraine.

“Americans are sick of your impeachment sham, they’re sick of the Democrat treason,” Shroyer declared. “We voted for Donald Trump! We know who committed the crimes, it wasn’t Trump. Trump is innocent!”

Shortly after he began to voice his outrage at the Democrats, multiple police escorts showed up and removed him from the hearing room as Shroyer continued to yell. (Continued Below)

Nadler, whose opening statement Shroyer interrupted, stressed after he was escorted out of the hearing room, that the audience was meant to just “observe” the committee hearing.

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“The audience is here to observe, but not to demonstrate, not to indicate agreement or disagreement with any witness or with any member of the committee,” Nadler said. “The audience is here to observe only, and we will maintain decorum in the hearing room.” (Video Below)


(Continued Below)

Owen Shroyer was arrested:

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Rep. Nadler’s full opening while being interrupted:

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