Buttigieg Says Those Who Wrote The Constitution Didn’t Know Slavery Was Bad, Cruz Schools Him

[Image source: Fox News & Twitter video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Democratic candidate and South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, told school children that the Founders who wrote the United States Constitution were ignorant about slavery being a bad thing and that they also did not respect civil rights, implying that enlightened Americans of today understand what is true and right.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz caught wind of Buttigieg’s remarks and schooled him on Twitter.

Pete Buttigieg said: “Similarly the amendment process; they were wise enough to realize that they didn’t have all the answers and that some things would change. A good example of this is something like slavery or civil rights. It’s an embarrassing thing to admit, but the people who wrote the Constitution did not understand that slavery was a bad thing.”

“They did not respect civil rights, and yet they created a framework so that as the generations came to understand that that was important, they could write that into the Constitution too and ensure true equal protection for all,” he added.

In a six-part series of tweets, Senator Ted Cruz schooled Buttigieg:

“’Slavery is an evil of Colossal magnitude & I am utterly averse to the admission of slavery into the Missouri Territories. It being among my first wishes to see some plan adopted by which slavery in this country may be abolished by law.’ John Adams, founding father, 2nd POTUS,” Senator Cruz wrote. (Continued Below)

“’Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.’ Benjamin Franklin, founding father, abolitionist,” he continued.

“‘Neither my tongue, nor my pen, nor purse shall be wanting to promote the abolition of what to me appears so inconsistent with humanity and Christianity’. Benjamin Franklin, founding father, abolitionist, the Texas Senator wrote.

“‘Who talks most about freedom and equality? Is it not those who hold a bill of Rights in one hand and a whip for affrighted slaves in the other?’ Alexander Hamilton, founding father, first Secretary of the Treasury, abolitionist, Cruz said. (Video Below)

“’It is much to be wished that slavery may be abolished. The honor of the States as well as justice and humanity, in my opinion, loudly call upon them to emancipate these unhappy people….’ John Jay, founding father, first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, abolitionist,” Senator Ted Cruz tweeted.

“’To contend for our own liberty, and to deny that blessing to others, involves an inconsistency not to be excused.’ John Jay, founding father, first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, abolitionist, the Texas Senator added.

Pete Buttigieg’s official remarks:

Senator Ted Cruz’s official tweets:

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Mark Levin also chimed in to tweet: “An awful lot of stupid people seeking the Democrat nomination for president”.

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