Nadler Says Any Senator Who Votes To Deny A Witness Is ‘Complicit In A Coverup’, Collins Reacts: “Why Did He Refuse To Allow Republicans To Call Fact Witnesses?”

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Tuesday before the impeachment trial began in the Senate, Democratic House managers held a press briefing demanding witnesses to be called during the trial.

House Judiciary chairman, Jerry Nadler (D-NY), claimed that Senators who deny witnesses in the trial would be “complicit in a coverup”.

“The question before the Senate is: do the Republican Senators want to be complicit in the coverup of the president?” Rep. Nadler asked while facing the press.

“Any Senator who votes to deny a witness, who votes to deny evidence, is voting to cover-up the president’s crimes and subversion of the Constitution,” he claimed. “There’s no other way about it.”

“There’s no conceivable reason to deny witnesses, to say you cannot bring in the evidence– the House of Representatives cannot bring in the evidence,” Nadler said.”

House Judiciary ranking member, Doug Collins (R-GA), took to Twitter to respond to Nadler’s assertion that Senators would be engaged in a “cover-up”, asking why the House Judiciary chairman denied Republicans from calling witnesses in the impeachment inquiry. (Continued Below)

“If Chairman Nadler truly believes refusing to call new witnesses is evidence of engaging in a cover up, why did he refuse to allow Republicans to call fact witnesses during the House’s investigation? #ShamImpeachment”, Rep. Doug Collins tweeted.

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In December, Nadler told Rep. Collins to provide the chairman with a list of witnesses, to which Nadler never gave the Republicans an opportunity to have any of their witnesses testify in the inquiry. (Video Below)

Rep. Doug Collins’ reacts to Nadler’s claim:

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