Nadler Says It’s ‘Embarrassing’ That Senators Are Voting For A ‘Cover Up’, Cippilone Fires Back: “The Only One Who Should Be Embarrassed, Is You”

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Drama erupted on the Senate floor early Wednesday morning between House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and White House Counsel Pat Cippilone, as trial rules were being hashed out.

While debating Senator Chuck Schumer’s proposed amendment that would lead to the immediate subpoena of former National Security Advisor John Bolton, Nadler said that it was “embarrassing” to see senators “voting for a coverup” as seven prior amendments from Schumer were shot down.

“It’s embarrassing,” Nadler said. “The president is on trial in the Senate, but the Senate is on trial in the eyes of the American people.”

“Will you vote to allow all the relevant evidence to be presented here? Or will you betray your pledge to be an impartial juror?” he questioned.

Nadler continued, “Will you bring Ambassador Bolton here? Will you permit us to present you with the entire record of the president’s misconduct? Or will you instead choose to be complicit in the president’s coverup? So far I’m sad to say I see a lot of senators voting for a coverup, voting to deny witnesses, an absolutely indefensible vote, obviously a treacherous vote.”

White House counsel Pat Cippilone fired back at Nadler upon returning to the floor, which sparked Justice Roberts to step in. Video Below

“We’ve been respectful of the Senate,” Cippilone said. “We’ve made our arguments to you. And you don’t deserve, and we don’t deserve, what just happened.”

He continued, “Mr. Nadler came up here and made false allegations against our team. He made false allegations against all of you; he accused you of a cover-up. He’s been making false allegations against the president.”

“The only one who should be embarrassed, Mr. Nadler is you, for the way you’ve addressed this body. This is the United States Senate. You’re not in charge here,” he declared.  Video Below


Cippilone then turned attention to the entire “farce” impeachment process and told Nadler, “You owe an apology to the American people.”

“It’s about time we bring this power trip in for a landing,” Mr. Cippilone said.

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Moments later, Chief Justice Roberts stepped in and warned both sides to “remember where they are.

We leave you with that short clip: