Pat Cipollone: Every Time You See Evidence Dems Concealed, Ask: “Why Didn’t They Show That To The Senate”

[Image source: PBS Newshour video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Pat Cipollone, White House Counsel for President Donald Trump, stepped to the podium Saturday at the Senate trial and ripped Democrats’ case for impeachment.

“What we intend to do today is go through [the Democrats’] record that they established in the House,” Cipollone said. “And we intend to show you some of the evidence they adduced in the House that they decided over their three days and 24 hours that they didn’t have enough time or made a decision not to show you.”

“And every time you see one of these pieces of evidence, ask yourself, ‘Why didn’t I see that in the first three days?’ They had it. It came out of their process. Why didn’t they show that to the Senate? And I think that’s an important question because as House managers, really their goal should be to give you all of the facts,” he told the Senate to ponder on that notion.

“They’re asking you to do something very, very consequential, and I would submit to you a word that Mr. Schiff used a lot: ‘very, very dangerous,'” Cipollone urged.

“And that’s the second point I’d ask you to keep in mind today. They’re asking you not only to overturn the results of the last election but as I’ve said before, they’re asking you to remove President Trump from the ballot in an election that’s occurring in approximately 9 months. They’re asking you to tear up all of the ballots across the nation on your own initiative– take that decision away from the American people,” President Trump’s White House Counsel explained.

“I don’t think they spent one minute of their 24 hours talking to you about the consequences of that for our country, not one minute,” he pointed out. (Video Below)

Pat Cipollone’s official remarks:

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