Schiff Says He Has No Regrets On The ‘Russian Collusion Issue’ Or Making Up Trump’s Phone Transcripts

Schiff, Chuck ToddMSNBC Video Screen Shots

House Intel Chairman and Democrat impeachment manager Adam Schiff said he has no regrets about  past remarks he made on the “Russian collusion issue” or his opening statement where he made up parts of President Trump’s Ukrainian phone call transcript.

Schiff addressed both situations when pressed by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday’s airing of Meet The Press.

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Mr. Todd told Schiff that he was “a star” of President Trump’s defense team as they began to make their case in front of the Senate on Saturday, primarily because of past implications he has made. Schiff was then asked if he regretted either of them.

“You were also a star of their defense as well, including, I think, an exchange you and I had about the Russian collusion issue as well as your opening statement on the phone call,” Todd said to Schiff. “Any regrets about either of those two moments yourself?”

Schiff replied, “No, and…I’m glad you asked the question about collusion because again they may be…perpetuating the President’s talking but they’ve got it exactly wrong.” Video Below


Later, Schiff implied there will be “no exoneration” without witnesses at the Senate trial.

However, when pressed more about the possibility of both sides calling witnesses, Schiff said the  president’s team has “the right to call relevant witnesses just as we do.” But, Trump’s team “doesn’t have the right to call irrelevant witnesses.”

We leave you with both of those video clips: