Bongino Knocks Down Bolton’s Alleged Book Leak With Five Swift Points: “Nobody Cares”

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Dan Bongino knocked down the latest report by The New York Times regarding alleged leaks from John Bolton’s upcoming book.

The NYT reported that Bolton claimed in the book that President Trump linked aid held to Ukraine to an investigation into the Bidens.

As reported by Fox News:

“…The Times exclusively reported that Bolton’s manuscript included a claim that Trump explicitly linked a hold on Ukraine aid to an investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden. Trump told Bolton in August, according to a transcript of Bolton’s forthcoming book reviewed by the Times, ‘that he wanted to continue freezing $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats including the Bidens.'”

NYT also reported that Bolton shared a manuscript of his upcoming book with ‘close associates’. However, Bolton’s team has since denied that claim, and have blamed the leak on the NSC’s review process, according to Fox News.

While the timing of the NYT’s report conveniently comes at a pivotal moment of the Senate impeachment trial, Dan Bongino leveled such claims with a swift, five-point smackdown.

Bongino tweeted:

“Regarding Bolton:
1) Nobody cares
2) The aid was delivered
3) The Ukrainians aren’t victims (just ask them)
4) The Democrats’ corruption in Ukraine is real
5) Nobody cares

Senior Legal Advisor of President Trump’s 2020 campaign, Jenna Ellis, followed up with Bongino’s tweet by saying, “The only people who care are the ringmasters of this #ImpeachmentCircus who are trying desperately at the 11th hour to extend their charade.” See Below

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President Trump also responded to the latest alleged claims made by Bolton. We leave you with his reaction.