Graham: “It Would Have Been Wrong For Trump To Have NOT Been Worried About The Bidens’ Business Dealings”

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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) reacted to the case laid out by President Trump’s defense team at the Senate impeachment trial on Monday.

As part of the defense team’s presentations to the Senate, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi “established meticulously” why the President would have been justified for asking Ukraine’s leadership to examine the Biden family’s dealings in the country.

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Senator Graham issued a statement on Twitter after taking into account the “tsunami” of information that was given during Monday’s presentations.

“It would have been wrong for President Trump to have NOT been worried about the Bidens’ business dealings in Ukraine after the information we heard this afternoon from the President’s defense team,” Senator Graham declared in the first part of his statement.

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“Compelling, damning presentations that the Bidens have not been investigated and the allegations against them have not been debunked,” Graham continued. “They most definitely should not be swept under the rug.”

He then added, “If one can find a scintilla of evidence about Biden corruption in Ukraine, the House case falls apart.”

“Today we have heard a tsunami,” Sen. Graham concluded. Videos Below

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Here is a key moment of Bondi’s presentation, where she implicated former Vice President Biden as being at the “forefront of the US/Ukraine policy,” sepite knowing of Hunter Biden’s conflict of interest.

Next, here is a clip of Bondi presenting the media’s criticism of of the Bidens’ conflict of interest.

This next video shows Bondi discussing Hunter Biden’s substantial amount of pay from Burisma despite having very little experience in Ukraine.

Finally, we leave you with video of Pam Bondi explaining in detail Joe and Hunter Bidens’ connection to Burisma.