Rubio: Dems Fell In Love With The Cameras & Forgot The Damage Impeachment Inflicts On The Country”

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Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) took to Twitter on Friday to share his thoughts on the ongoing Senate impeachment trial that is reportedly set to wrap up next week.

The Senate will hear closing arguments from the House impeachment managers and President Trump’s defense team on Monday with both sides getting two hours each, according to the resolution. The Senate would then adjourn the impeachment trial until 4 p.m. on Wednesday when they would move to final votes on the articles of impeachment, reported The Hill.

Senator Marco Rubio believes that Democrats fell in love with the cameras and forgot the damage that impeachment inflicts on the country. In a series of tweets, the Florida Senator wrote:

“#SenateTrial Day 10: Final arguments 11 am Monday. [The] final vote Wednesday at 4 pm. Last March Rep. Schiff said there was ‘little to be gained by putting the country through’ the ‘wrenching experience’ of a partisan impeachment. But then they decided to do it anyway,” he explained.

“The House admitted they didn’t try to enforce testimony of witnesses in court because it would tie them up in litigation for a year. But then spent weeks demanding the Senate do it now. We were never going to play this stupid game with them,” Senator Rubio expressed.

“The same people to say ‘how dare Trump disagree with our intelligence professionals’ are also the ones doubting the ‘intelligence professionals’ on Soleimani planning an imminent attack,” he continued. (Continued Below)

“The poll tested ‘stealing the election’ line was also a joke. Was Trump trying to tamper with voting equipment or something? I wanted to laugh every time they said it but I think laughing was against the Senate impeachment rules,” the Florida Senator noted.

“[The] most obnoxious argument was the ‘I have secret information that’s damning, but I can’t divulge it’. Total crap. We have access to the same information & you don’t have squat. If you did it would be leaked. Just like the mole at NSC illegally leaking portions of Bolton’s book,” Senator Rubio wrote, referring to House manager Adam Schiff.

Lastly, he expressed: “[The] bottom line is despite not initially wanting to do it, they were bullied into impeachment by radical far-left voices they are afraid of. Then they fell in love with the case & the cameras & the adoration of the media & forgot the damage impeachment inflicts on the country.” (Video Below)

Senator Marco Rubio also posted a video on Twitter to say that removing President Trump “would inflict extraordinary trauma on our nation”, adding “half the nation would view Trump’s removal as a coup d’etat.”

“I’m not going to vote in favor of tearing this country apart,” he announced.

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Senator Marco Rubio’s official tweets:

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