Chris Matthews Freaks Out Over The Prospects Of Bernie Winning Iowa: “I Think We Got A Problem”

Politico Youtube video screenshot & MSNBC video screenshot. Swamp Drain compilation.

Monday on MSNBC, host Chris Matthews freaked out over the prospects of Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, winning Iowa, on the day of the Iowa Caucus.

Matthews admitted to his colleagues that he’s “not happy with this field”, and also expressed that there is no chance “Bernie Sanders is going to be the President of the United States”.

“What are my thoughts? I’m not happy. I’m not happy with this field,” Chris Matthews admitted.

“I think they have to find a candidate for president that can beat Trump,” he said.

Joe Scarborough asked: “You don’t think any of these candidates could beat Trump, to which Matthews responded, “I’m looking. I’m still looking.”

Mika Brzezinski then asked what is the problem with the current candidates, and Matthews vented: “Obvious problems. They’re all problems. Bernie Sanders is not going to be President of the United States.” (Continued Below)

“Analytically, I think a couple of things have happened. One is, Warren was riding high. I thought she was going to sweep through everything, … she was the one candidate I thought could do that. What happened? She got a lot of scrutiny,” Matthews said. “You don’t want a lot of scrutiny and she got a lot of it.”

“Does this stuff add up? The Medicare for all? The free college? All that stuff got killed. Guess who’s going to get it now? Bernie’s going to get it now,” he continued. “Bernie’s gonna ride high. And he’s finally gonna get scrutiny about his whole life, his ideology, who’d he root for all his life.”

“Who is this guy ideologically? It’s not just the nice good stuff about healthcare. Why does he say the stuff he does about Maduro and people like that? People gotta figure out who the guy is. … I think the country’s got a problem, we’ll see. Nobody is gonna say it tonight. They’re gonna be cheering, good ole Bernie. I think he’s gonna win big tonight. Real big.” Matthews added. (Video Below)

Chris Matthew’s official comments:

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