Chris Wallace Suggests “Trump Is Better Off Now Than He Was When This Impeachment Process Began”

Chris Wallace, Trump, PelosiFox Video Screen Shot, WaPo Video Screen Shot

In reaction to the the Senate voting to acquit President Trump, Fox News host Chris Wallace suggested that President Donald Trump is “better off now” than he was before the impeachment process began.

To back up his remarks, Wallace referenced President Trump’s latest job approval rating (49%), which is his highest in Gallup polling since taking office in 2017. The poll was released the day before the Senate voted down both articles of impeachment.

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“As far as the political impact, I think you’d have to say that Donald Trump is better off now than he was when this impeachment process began,” Wallace indicated.

“He’s had a number of bipartisan successes on trade deals, the economy is rolling along,” he mentioned.

“The Gallup poll just came out. It’s the highest he’s had in his presidency — 49 percent,” Wallace added. Video Below


Here are some more reactions from members of the media regarding fallout from the President’s acquittal and his best approval rating to date: