Kellyanne Conway: “Nancy Pelosi Should Stop Lying- She Should Stop Pretending There Is Any Kind Of Victory In The Impeachment”

[Image source: Fox News video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, spoke with host Martha MacCallum on Fox News‘ “The Story” Thursday after President Trump’s acquittal in the Senate, Wednesday. Conway told MacCallum that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is a “liar”.

“[Democrats] have tried for three years now to get the president, instead of getting the story or getting things done on behalf of this country,” Conway said after President Trump’s critics attacked him for his victory speech in the White House East Room Thursday afternoon.

“First it was, ‘Let’s find the 70K electors in those 3 states and change the election results, then it’s the 25th amendment, it’s emoluments, it’s Russia, Russia for 3 years, and it’s the phone call with the Ukranian President,” Kellyanne Conway explained.

“Nancy Pelosi should stop lying,” Conway recommended. “She should stop pretending there is any kind of victory in the impeachment. The goal was to remove the president. It’s always been to stop Donald Trump from being and continuing to be the president. That’s the goal. They failed miserably.”

“And I would ask them, ‘What do you have left? What do you have left?’ You put everything you have against this, and all you have left is a very dispirited, chaotic Democratic base,” she continued. “You’ve got Joe Biden running around saying, ‘He’s electable’, [but] the Democratic voters in Iowa are saying, ‘You’re not even delectable, let alone electable’. And you have a president who’s more emboldened than ever– emboldened to do things on behalf of this country. He’s working.”

“Today, Nancy Pelosi lied. She lied from the podium today and nobody calls her out. She lied– that Obama started this economic recovery. The fact is, he presided over the slowest economic recovery since World World II, and that we now have a 50 year low on unemployment and the growth rates are through the roof. We’ve created over 7 million jobs. She lied about health care and nobody calls her out on her lies,” Conway also pointed out, referring to pre-existing conditions. (Video Below)

Kellyanne Conway’s full remarks:

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