Judge Jeanine To Sen. Mitt Romney: “How About You Get The Hell Out Of The United States Senate?”

[Image source: Fox News video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Judge Jeannie Pirro on Saturday night, slammed Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) for being the only Republican to vote to convict President Trump during last week’s Senate impeachment trial.

Pirro pulled no punches in calling Romney an “embarrassment and jealous”, then suggested that he “get the hell out of the United States Senate”.

“How dare he!” Judge Jeanine declared. “How could he? And why would he?”

“Mitt dared to do what he thought was good for him individually, not for the party, not for us, and certainly, not for America,” she said. “He knew his vote would change nothing regarding impeachment, but he tried to set himself up as a leader going against everyone else. He took a stand he thought would impress others. It did. Many on the loony left defended him, saying his vote was ‘very patriot'”.

Judge Jeanine explained that Senator Romney “endeared himself” to the “Trump-hating left and the radicals”, who are not interested in the “America First agenda”, but instead, the ones who are “all about power and not truth.”

She also criticized Romney and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for invoking their faith while criticizing the president. “Do you ever wonder why people never mention God or religion — only bring it up when they get caught doing something, or when they need an excuse for something they did?” Judge Jeanine asked. “Who do these people think they’re fooling? What a bunch of phonies.” (Continued Below)

Judge Jeanine said that the transcript of President Trump’s July 25th phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky is the corpus, the body of the alleged wrongdoing, and noted that anything “before, after, or around it is irrelevant material”, adding, “What was said in that conversation acquits or convicts the president”.

She also slammed Romney for using John Bolton as an excuse to convict when he didn’t even know what the former national security advisor would have said. “Mr. wannabe, did you ask or even wonder why the Democrat House managers didn’t subpoena Bolton? When the prosecution doesn’t present evidence that you want, and you don’t have the slightest evidence what it might be, or whether it’s even relevant– you want to use that nothing burger to convict the president of the United States? Are you stupid too?” she asked.

“You take nonevidence that the Democrats refused to present as the reason to convict president? … You really are stupid!” Judge Jeanine declared. “You used the prosecutor’s inability to make a case as a reason to vote guilty. Run that one by America again, Mitt.” (Continued Below)

The Fox News host called on Senator Romney to resign from office, calling him “jealous” and a “wuss”.

“The truth is, you despise Donald Trump. Your jealousy of this man is a constant rage burning within you because you can never rise to the heights that he has,” Pirro said. “Because guys like you fold like wusses and you don’t have any selflessness or the ability to think about others, as Donald Trump has thought about making America first. And by the way, you’re an embarrassment.”

“I have an idea: you need to be removed from office. How about you get the hell out of the United States Senate? The people in Utah are furious with you, and your dream of endearing yourself to the Trump-hating left is a joke. So Mitt, pack your bags. Take some time off and ride around with your dog on the roof of your car. … And don’t forget: when you lie with dogs, you get fleas. But that will never be as bad as the stain you have forged upon whatever legacy you think you have,” Judge Jeanine expressed. (Video Below)

Judge Jeanine Pirro’s full message for Senator Mitt Romney: 

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to slam Senators Mitt Romney and Joe Manchin (D-WV):

“They are really mad at Senator Joe Munchkin in West Virginia. He couldn’t understand the Transcripts. Romney could, but didn’t want to!” he wrote.

“Romney hurt some very good Republican Senators, and he was wrong about the Impeachment Hoax. No clue!” he expressed.

(Continued Below)

“Can’t say I mind the fact that the great people of West Virginia are furious at their puppet Democrat Senator, Joe Manchin. They will never forget his phony vote on the Impeachment Hoax. All he had to do is read the Transcripts, sadly, which he wouldn’t understand anyway But, just like the people of West Virginia will no longer look at weak & pathetic Joe Manchin the same (I got the Pension Bill approved, Manchin couldn’t do it), the wonderful people of Utah will never look at ‘grandstander’ Mitt Romney with anything but contempt & disgust!” the president tweeted.

“I was very surprised & disappointed that Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia voted against me on the Democrat’s totally partisan Impeachment Hoax. No President has done more for the great people of West Virginia than me (Pensions), and that will .always continue. Every Republican Senator except Romney, many highly religious people, all very smart, voted against the Impeachment Hoax. @SenCapito was all in (a great person). I was told by many that Manchin was just a puppet for Schumer & Pelosi. That’s all he is!” President Trump said.

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