Joe Walsh Melts Down Over Trump’s Retweet Of Mayor Going Potty With Mic On: “Trump Must Lose”

Walsh, TrumpWMUR-TV Video Screen Shot, Archived Video Screen Shot

Former Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh apparently was triggered by President Donald Trump for retweeting a viral video on Saturday morning.

The video, which was uploaded by a Twitter user named Paul Samuel, appears to catch Georgetown, Texas Mayor Dale Ross dropping a deuce during a 2015 City Council meeting while his microphone was still on.

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The video was captioned: “THIS IS HILARIOUS Mayor of Georgetown in the US excused himself to go & use the washroom in the middle of a meeting & forgot to switch off his mic on his tie & this is what happened.”

In the video, a female City Council member could be seen laughing hysterically while trying to speak to other members as fart noises interrupted her, followed by the sound of a toilet flushing. It ends with the Georgetown mayor walking back into the room, and taking his seat.

After noticing the president’s retweet of the viral video, Joe Walsh slammed Trump over his sense of humor and demanded that Americans vote him out of office in November. Video Below

Viral Video That President Trump Retweeted On Saturday

“The President of the United States this morning tweeted a five year old video of a Texas mayor taking a shit. Yep. He did. This morning,” said Walsh, who recently flushed himself out of the 2020 race.

“Let’s hope America wakes up in November and says they don’t want four more years of this,” he added.

Just moments later, Walsh declared “Trump must lose” and he “pledged to support WHOEVER the Democrats nominate,” despite considering himself a “conservative” and being a former Tea Party Republican Congressman.

He then asked others to join him.