Maxine Waters Urges All Americans To Join Together To ‘Resist’ Trump & ‘Make Sure He’s Not Re-Elected’

MSNBC host Joy Reid, on Tuesday, alleged that President Trump is going on a “revenge tour” against his opponents and redoubling his efforts to “abuse his power” out in the open. “He’s testing the limits just to see how much he can get an away with. …And right now with Republicans taking the knee and Attorney General William Barr behaving as the hand of the King, the House that impeached him last year, appears to be the only check on his presidential wrong-doing,” she claimed.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) vented her frustration about President Trump, two weeks after he was acquitted in the Senate, weighing in on Reid’s allegations of the president, as she claimed that the president is “out of control”, “going to get revenge” and “bring Putin to the White House”. She further urged Americans to “resist” the president and to “make sure he’s not reelected”.

Joy Reid claimed that President Trump is “behaving worse than before” and asked Rep. Maxine Waters if “there is anything Congress can do about that after pulling the lever of impeachment?”

“We went through the trial. The House voted to impeach him, but the Senate did not act responsibly and they basically exonerated him. And so, we have a president that is out of control. … And now that he’s gone through impeachment, which he never thought he was going to go through, he is going to get revenge,” Waters insisted.

“He is going to show you that there are no limits to the presidential power. And you know, while everybody’s talking about the commutations and the pardons, the clemency and all of that, he’s gonna be even worse. He is going to reap revenge on some people. I don’t know in all the ways that he’s gonna do it. And then, he’s gonna put Putin in our face. He’s gonna bring him to the White House, and he’s gonna say ‘Be damned the Congress of the United States. I’m gonna do whatever I want to do,'” she vented.

The California Representative then said that the President is “dangerous” and “doesn’t care about the Constitution”, adding, “We’ve got to organize and we’ve got to turn out the vote. We’ve got to vote him out of office.” Continued Below

Asked if President Donald Trump is reelected will he “drop all sanctions on Russia”, Rep. Waters replied, “Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. He will pardon Manafort. He will lift all the sanctions from Russia. He’ll be even more involved with the oligarchs of Russia. And he’s gonna bring Putin to the White House. I believe that if he’s reelected.”

She then claimed that Russia is going to hack into the 2020 elections and that the House has to make sure President Trump doesn’t “carry out their agenda if he’s reelected”, adding, “We’ve got to make sure this man is not reelected again.”

“We are in a Constitutional crisis in this country with a president who is running amuck. He’s out of control. And we’ve got to make sure he’s not reelected. We’ve got to speak up. We’ve got to resist. I don’t hear enough voices. … It’s got to be all of us out there working very hard,” Waters said. Video Below

“We have a Constitutional crisis and we’ve got to deal with it. And this is what democracy is all about: when you see a president out of control– when you see those who have been elected to office who are not acting responsibly and they’re endangering our democracy, you’ve got to speak out against them. You’ve got to work against them. And you’ve got to make sure they’re not reelected ever again,” Waters added.

Rep. Waters’ full remarks:

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Rep. Maxine Waters didn’t stop there, however, as she vented on Twitter about Attorney General William Barr in a series of tweets.

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