Donald Trump Jr. Slams Obama At Colorado Rally: “Well Abracadabra, Buddy There Is” A Magic Wand

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Donald Trump Jr. slammed former President Barack Obama while getting the crowd riled up at Thursday’s rally in Colorado Springs, CO.

The moment happened when Trump Jr. insisted that his father, President Donald Trump, was able to deliver large crowds at his rallies because now Americans “actually have something to lose.”

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He then turned his attention to comments former President Obama said earlier in the week, where he basically took credit for Trump’s booming economy.

As quoted from Don Jr.’s speech:

“Barack Obama said, ‘I’m taking credit for the economy.’ I go, Barack, in all fairness — in all fairness, Barack, you yourself said, ‘Donald, how are you going to do that? How are you going to do that with unemployment? How are you going to do that with GDP? How are you going to do that with jobs.There’s no magic wand for that.’ Well abracadabra, buddy. There is!” Video Below