Charlie Kirk Breaks Down Why So Many Of America’s Younger Generation Are Embracing Socialism: ‘The Ungrateful Revolution’

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On Saturday’s airing of Justice With Judge Jeanine, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk discussed why America’s younger generation appears to be embracing socialist concepts.

Kirk’s explanation came while reacting to Bernie’s decisive victory in the Nevada caucus.

Judge Jeanine asked “Why is it that young people on campuses think that socialism isn’t so bad?”

Charlie replied, “The best way I can summarize it, it’s the ungrateful revolution and the ungrateful generation.”

“We have not taught gratitude of our country to the next generation. When you’re not grateful for something, why on Earth would you want to conserve it?” he asked.

“It makes sense to want to start a revolution and just topple the entire society,” Mr. Kirk continued. “And if you listen carefully to what Senator Sanders says when he talks about, ‘We need widespread justice and we are going to change this country’ — that is what he has said word for word.”

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When asked to explain what ‘widespread justice’ is, Charlie said, “It’s not blind justice like you have fought for, so terrific. Instead he goes justice by justice saying, ‘We need social justice. We need racial justice, environmental justice.’ Do you know what that means? He wants to topple our society and deconstruct everything that works. That’s what that means.”

“[Bernie Sanders] uses the term ‘justice’ and he misrepresents it personally to try to get people to support him. Justice should be blind. That is rule number one,” Charlie proclaimed. “But he does not believe that. He believes in impartial justice, almost a revenge campaign to deconstruct our country from within because he is not grateful to be an American — he is not. And nothing he represents, represents the gratitude of our country.” Video Below