Chris Wallace Insinuates Joe Biden Is A ‘Moderate’, Biden Corrects Him: “I Have A Very Progressive Record”

Wallace, BidenFox Sunday Video Screen Shots

On Sunday, Fox Host Chris Wallace got corrected by Joe Biden after insinuating that the former Vice President is “moderate.”

Wallace made the suggestion while interviewing Biden over his big victory in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, where he won by nearly 30% over his Democrat contenders and gave him momentum he needed before Super Tuesday.

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Wallace questioned Biden on whether the “centrists” of the party should unite around one candidate after Super Tuesday to take on self-proclaimed Socialist Bernie Sanders.

“Should you get together after Super Tuesday and whoever is in the lead amongst you, whoever has the most delegates, all of the others say, ‘We’re gonna get out and we’re gonna support this moderate to go one on one against Bernie Sanders’?” Wallace asked.

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Biden replied, “Well, it’s kind of interesting on your show for me to be called a moderate, Chris. I know it’s been thirteen years since I’ve been on it, but I’ve never been called a moderate on it before. And I don’t consider myself [a moderate].”

Wallace cut in and said, “A relative moderate,” which caused Biden to laugh and say, “I’m making the point that I have a very, very, very progressive record and the issue is ‘What can we get done?'”

Biden went on to say that it’s not up to him to decide when the other candidates when other candidates should drop out of the race and he’ll leave it up to them to decide. Video Below


Considering Biden as a “moderate” is quite the stretch, as he has pushed for higher taxes, more restrictions on guns, and his willingness to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs for a greener economy.

Here is another part of the interview, where Biden gives his thoughts about the candidacy of Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg:

In ending, here is Biden reacting to President Trump’s criticism of him at CPAC: