Mark Levin At CPAC: “You Know What [Dems] Were Doing When The Coronavirus Broke Out? Impeachment”

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During his CPAC question and answer session, Mark Levin turned the tables on Democrats in wake of their criticism of the Trump Administration’s handling of the coronavirus.

While the president has openly declared that the United States is prepared to control the virus, Levin slammed the way Democrats have responded, and he suggested they have “no plan” to deal with it.

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After claiming that one of the ways Democrats have chosen to respond to the coronavirus is to “trash the President,” Levin said, “What is the Democrat plan to deal with the coronavirus? There is no plan.”

“You know what they were doing when the coronavirus broke out?” he then asked. “Impeachment trial against our President!”

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Levin continued, “And you know what happens when they have an impeachment trial? Those senators who never shut the hell up have to sit in their chairs and shut the hell up.”

“They can’t have a hearing. They can’t propose nothing,” he added. “They can’t do anything week after week, and you know what? They’d still be having a trial with their witnesses.”

“They effectively shut down the United States Congress while this virus was spreading,” Levin declared. Video Below