Don Jr. Questions Why Buttigieg Dropped Out Right After Optimistic Interview: “Something Is Very Shady Here”

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Pete Buttigieg stunned the world of politics on Sunday after he dropped out of the 2020 race just two days before the pivotal Super Tuesday.

The move by Buttigieg was so surprising since his campaign was in overall good shape after winning the Iowa Caucus, nearly winning the New Hampshire primary and picking up additional delegates in Nevada prior to Tuesday’s primaries.

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The former South Bend mayor also struck an optimistic tone while discussing his delegate strategy with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd just hours before announcing his exit from the race.

In his interview, Buttigieg said his campaign felt that there are “places coast to coast” where his message is “resonating particularly well.” And he said his campaign will “continue to push and make the most of the resources we have.”

Donald Trump Jr. pointed out the interview in his reaction to Buttigieg dropping out, and suggested something “very shady” could be going on to “screw Bernie.” Video Below


In response to Buttigieg’s interview he gave before quitting the race, Trump Jr. said, “So Pete gave this interview this morning and dropped out a few hours later?”

“I wonder what’s going on that no one is reporting? Did the DNC make a deal with him to try to screw Bernie?” he questioned. “Something is very shady here.”

In an earlier tweet, Don Jr. sarcastically congratulated Mayor Pete for likely being on the verge ofscoring a job as a CNN contributor after announcing his exit from the 2020 race.

We leave you with that statement: