Joe Biden Implies Kamala Harris Has Endorsed Him Despite Her Not Yet Announcing It: “What A Gigantic Difference It Has Made”

Biden, KamalaAP Video Screen Shot, Guardian Video Screen Shot

Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden may have just spilled the beans and told his supporters that Senator Kamala Harris has endorsed him before she has gotten a chance to announce it.

The latest gaffe by Biden happened while he was speaking at a rally in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday.

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Biden was in the process of thanking a list of former candidates for their support, which he said has made a “gigantic difference.”

“By the way, to all of Amy’s folks, to all of Pete’s folks, to all of Kamala’s folks, to all of the folks who have — Beto’s folks, I tell you what. What a gigantic difference it has made,” Biden told the crowd.

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As of Saturday, Senator Harris has yet to officially announce an endorsement. Although last month, it was rumored that she was mulling an endorsement of Biden.

At the current rate, however, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her back Biden over Bernie Sanders, as Bernie has yet to score an endorsement from any of the former candidates.

In ending, here is video of Biden voicing confidence in his election chances to his St. Louis supporters: