James Woods Senses A Biden/Clinton Ticket: “Hillary Will Attach To Biden Like The Face-Hugger In ALIEN”

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Conservative actor James Woods has been keeping his eyes peeled for another comeback run by former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton now that the 2020 election cycle is heating up.

Woods is highly convinced that Hillary will somehow inject herself in the 2020 race, as just weeks ago he likened her and former President Bill Clinton to “nuclear cockroaches” in the sense that they can “survive anything.”

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Woods first suspected that Hillary is awaiting a brokered convention to win the rights of the presidential nomination.

Over the weekend, however, Woods pushed another theory now that former Vice President Joe Biden appears to be gaining full support from the DC establishment, while at the same time, Hillary and Bill are attempting to “rehabilitate” their image.

In response to Hillary recently cracking on First Lady Melania Trump’s ‘Be Best’ program, Woods said, “Democrats are going to put this drunken hag on the ticket as VP nominee. If Biden is elected, they won’t Epstein him. It’ll simply be “suggested” he step down for the ‘good of the nation.’ And hello, Madame President.” See Below

Official Tweet From James Woods

Woods then made another assessment on Sunday after learning of the Clintons’ documentary with Hulu, where Bill appears to justify why he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

“So the Clintons are getting all spruced up for November,” Woods tweeted. “They’re even trying to rehabilitate the old Rapist-in-Chief (“Monica was a stress-reliever”).”

“Hillary’s done a gallon of Botox and yet another facelift. You’d almost think they were running for office somehow,” he added.

Moments later, Woods conveniently included a photo of Hillary and targeted Biden’s constant gaffes. The actor insinuated the DNC is pulling for Biden to win the nomination so that whoever he chooses as his running mate will soon replace him due to “onset dementia” that many suspect are causing him to gaffe so much.

“The progression of Biden’s onset dementia is more evident by the week,” Woods said. “It is clear whoever the vice-presidential pick is will be president within months of the election. So, remember, Republicans, whoever the Democrat VP pick is will be your #POTUS, if you don’t vote in November!”

In a corresponding tweet, Woods suggested, “Hillary will attach to Biden like the face-hugger in ALIEN. She’ll be president in a month after the election.”

“The best part for her is avoiding the debates and the campaign trail,” he continued. “He gets elected and she pops out of his chest like the baby alien, ready to take over the world.”

In ending, here is a GIF Woods posted, which sums up everything he’s been saying: