Mark Levin: Democrats Warn Not To Question Biden’s Mental State, But Anything Goes When Trashing Trump

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Political commentator Mark Levin honed in on the hypocrisy surrounding Democrats and the media’s defense of Joe Biden in wake of critics questioning the state of his mental health.

Levin suggested that Democrats are construing a message that says it’s wrong to question Biden’s ‘mental fitness to serve as president’, but it’s completely OK to trash President Trump and speculate over his mental status.

Levin’s remarks come as some analysts have suggested Biden is showing signs of ‘onset dementia’ as his campaign has been riddled with a subsequent amount of gaffes.

“The Democrat establishment has rallied around Joe Biden, about whom there are legitimate and serious questions respecting his mental fitness to serve as president,” Levin tweeted. “So now, with the aggressive help of the media, we’re being told and warned that we mustn’t raise this issue.”

He continued, “As with other Democrats, the media seek to protect them & ignore Bernie Sanders’ Marxist history. Ignore Hillary Clinton’s serial lawlessness. Ignore Barack Obama’s ties to domestic terrorists.”

“This is how the Democrat Party-press hope to control the debate,” Levin declares. In the meantime, anything goes when trashing President Trump.” See Below

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One of President Trump’s allies, Pastor Darrell Scott also chimed in on the matter.

Pastor Scott tweeted: “Now the left is saying it’s “cruel” to question “Babbling Joe” Bidens mental state. They’ve got to be kidding, right?

In ending, here is video of Bill O’Reilly weighing in on Biden’s “speaking problem.”