Charlie Kirk On Biden Admitting To Speaking With Foreign Leader In Past Two Weeks: “Why Does Joe Get Away With This?

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Founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, responded to a clip featuring Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden’s, where he appears to admit speaking to a foreign leader in the last two weeks.

During a virtual interview that aired on NBC, Biden said that he spoke to a foreign leader two weeks ago, but would not indicate with whom.

“With regard to speaking to foreign leaders, I haven’t spoken with a foreign leader in the last, probably two weeks,” Biden said.

Asked who was the last foreign leader he spoke with, and if he talked about the coronavirus, Biden responded, “I talked about how it affected their country. But no, I’m not– it was an off the record discussion I had. So I’m not gonna indicate who.”

Charlie Kirk posted the clip on his Twitter account and called out Biden for apparently admitting to doing the same thing that President Trump’s former campaign staffer, Carter Page, was accused of doing.

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“Joe Biden just admitted on live TV that he met with a foreign leader in the midst of a campaign,” Kirk tweeted.

“Remember when Democrats launched a 3 year witch hunt because it was RUMORED a Trump staffer talked with a foreign government,” he continued. “Why does Joe get away with this? Liberal Privilege!” Video Below

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