Nevada Gov. Limits Malaria Drug For COVID-19 Patients To Hospitals Only, Cruz, Owens, & Bongino React

[Image source: Dan Bongino's Youtube screenshot. Candace Owens- Oxford Union video screenshot. Ted Cruz- CNBC Television video screenshot. Gov. Sisolak- KTNV Channel 13 LV video screenshot. Swamp Drain compilation].

Nevada’s governor has signed an emergency order that says anti-malaria drugs can only be prescribed for coronavirus patients by doctors in a hospital setting. Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak’s order Tuesday regarding the drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine comes after President Donald Trump touted the medication as a treatment for the virus, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

Governor Sisolak tweeted on Tuesday: “Today, I signed an emergency regulation limiting the prescription & issuance of two drugs that have unproven results with treating COVID-19. While these drugs serve necessary medical purposes, this regulation protects the Nevadans who need them and prevents unnecessary hoarding.”

On Wednesday, the Nevada Governor took to Twitter to say: “This regulation DOES NOT prohibit prescription of these drugs for inpatient treatment. In other words, if a doctor in a hospital or emergency room setting wants to prescribe these drugs to treat a patient diagnosed with COVID-19, he or she is still free to do so.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Fox News contributor Dan Bongino, and Candace Owens all weighed in, slamming the Nevada Governor for his decision to limit chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to hospital patients only, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Dan Bongino tweeted: “The Democrat Governor of Nevada hates Trump so much that he’s banning Wuhan Virus patients from a potential life-saving treatment. This is a new low in a week of new lows. These people are filth.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded to Bongino and expressed: “During this crisis, we should listen to the science & the medical professionals. The opposite approach: the Governor of Nevada, practicing medicine w/o a license—trying to score political points against Trump—& prohibiting NV doctors from prescribing medicines to treat COVID19.” (Continued Below)

Dan Bongino continued: “Rather than wait for consensus from the medical community, Nevada’s TDS infected governor prematurely banned the use of malaria drugs as a potential treatment for the coronavirus purely to spite President Trump”.

He added: “The Democrat Governor would rather see mass suffering than to let doctors prescribe Plaquenil for Wuhan Virus victims. All because he wants to dunk on Trump. This is the most disgusting story you’ll read today.”

Candace Owens also weighed in on Twitter saying: “DEMOCRATS are now to BLOCKING the prescription of Hydroxychloroquine & chloroquine to treat #coronavirus positive patients. @GovSisolak has made it ILLEGAL. They WANT people to die of virus. Claims ban is to keep drugs for patients w/ Lupus and other illnesses. This is a lie.” (Continued Below)

Owens continued and asked: “Why the HELL would you want to wait until a patient is HOSPITALIZED to treat them?! Oh, I know— because you are a Democrat and you want the hospitals to overflow, and you want patients to die. This is INSANE. Let people diagnosed with #coronavirus take the drugs at home!”

“Democrats are now BANNING prescriptions to treat the #coronavirus, unless the patient is hospitalized. No more pretending this virus has not been politicized against Trump! Democrats WANT this pandemic prolonged. They want the economy to collapse. They WANT people to die,” she suggested.

“To put this into perspective for my fellow asthmatics. Imagine if Democrats signed a bill that we could only get access to our inhalers IF we were hospitalized. This is absolutely PSYCHOTIC. @GovSisolak you are a DELUDED!. Let the #coronavirus patients get access to the meds!” Owens declared.

“You KNOW hospitals are overwhelmed. You, therefore, KNOW patients will not be treated in a timely manner in that setting. WHY ARE YOU BLOCKING DOCTOR OFFICES FROM PRESCRIBING THE DRUGS?! Admit you WANT the footage of people lined up for treatment. Admit you WANT more deaths,” she added. (Continued Below)

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