Hillary Jokes About The U.S. Having The Most Reported Coronavirus Cases, Cruz Responds: “This Kind Of Nasty Partisanship Is Unhelpful”

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Senator Ted Cruz lashed out at Hillary Clinton after she appeared to post a joke related to the coronavirus pandemic and President Trump.

It all started when Hillary Clinton made a snarky comment in reaction to the New York Times pointing out that the United States now “leads the world in the most confirmed coronavirus cases.”

Clinton tweeted the NYT article and captioned it, “He did promise ‘America First'”.

Hillary Clinton’s Official Tweet

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After learning of Hillary’s tweet, Senator Cruz slammed the former Secretary of State over her “nasty partisanship” and suggested now is the time for unity between both parties.

“This kind of nasty partisanship is unhelpful,” Cruz tweeted. “Everyone understands you don’t like Trump, but now is the time for all of us—Dem and GOP—to come together to defeat this pandemic and restore economic growth. We should all be working for and rooting for America.” Video Below

Ted Cruz Replies To Hillary

In ending, here is video of Greg Gutfield weighing in on Hillary’s latest joke: