Joe Walsh Throws A F-Bomb Laced Twitter Tantrum Over Trump’s Handling Of The Coronavirus Crisis

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Former Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh may have just broken the record for the amount of times a politician has used the F-Bomb in a Twitter rant.

The so-called ‘conservative’ was apparently set off by the way President Trump handled Friday’s coronavirus press briefing, and he let his followers know just how triggered the president has made him throughout the crisis.

‘F*** Trump. He’s a stupid mob boss. F*** him,” Walsh began in response to White House correspondent Maggie Haberman quoting the president.

Joe Walsh Kicks Off His F-Bomb Tirade

Moments later, Walsh tweeted, “F*** Trump. 30-40 minutes into this stupid briefing and not one F***ING word from him about all the Americans who are sick and dying. Not one F***ING word.”

“He doesn’t give a F*** about the Americans who’ve been killed by this virus,” he added.
Every F***ING word is about him. F*** Trump.” See Below

Joe Walsh’s Official Tweet

But it didn’t stop there, as Walsh then called on Americans to “wake the F*** up.”

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Finally, Walsh ended his rant by suggesting Trump is “lying” to Americans and ignored all warnings about the coronavirus because he only cares about “winning the election.

Whoa! Is he triggered or what?

Walsh’s F-bomb-laden tirade conveniently comes in wake of his new book titled “F*ck Silence” that he has been self-promoting.