Rep. Pressley On Trump Admin’s Response To COVID-19: “It’s Akin To War Crimes; Criminal Negligence, Science Denials, A Sluggish Response”

[Image source: Twitter video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) accused President Donald Trump of “war crimes” over his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Massachusetts Congresswoman’s remarks were seen in a video that surfaced on Twitter Tuesday.

“As far as I’m concerned, what’s happening with this administration, it’s akin to war crimes; criminal negligence, science denials, a sluggish response,” Rep. Pressley claimed.

“And so we find ourselves in the position of playing catch-up in the midst of a pandemic which is the last place that you want to be in the midst of any public health crisis, certainly of a pandemic is working from behind, and we just have to reject any calls for a return to normal.”

Pressley is one of the far-left freshman members of Congress known as being in “the squad”, and who has repeatedly attacked the president since he took office. She refers to President Trump as “the occupant” in the White House”.

On Monday, the President said during the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing: “The United States has now conducted more total tests than all of the following nations combined: France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, Australia, Sweden, and Canada.” Continued Below

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According to White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, the United States has conducted more than 4 million coronavirus tests, which is double the numbers of any other country.

On Sunday, McEnany tweeted: “President [Donald Trump] has DELIVERED 523 MILLION gloves, 69 MILLION surgical masks, 55 MILLION N95 respirators, 10.5 MILLION surgical gowns, 5.9 MILLION face shields, 10,998 ventilators, 8,450 federal medical station beds.” Video Below

Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s official remarks:

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