Schiff Insists Every American Should Have ‘Easy Acess To Voting By Mail With A Postage Paid Ballot’ Upon Request

MSNBC video screenshot.

Sunday on MSNBC, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) spoke to anchor Alex Witt, insisting that every American should have “easy access to voting by mail with a postage-paid ballot” upon request.

He also commented on the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings, saying “everything is about him”, referring to President Donald Trump.

Anchor Alex Witt said that Joe Biden thinks President Trump will “try to delay the November election”, and asked Schiff: “Do you put it past him to try that? It doesn’t seem like something an executive order could accomplish.”

Rep. Schiff responded: “He doesn’t have the power to do that. …I’m more worried frankly, he will try to disenfranchise millions of Americans then try to put off the election. He’s already talking down absentee voting, making false claims about the reliability of absentee voting, even when he votes by absentee himself. But he has openly admitted, and it is rather startling to hear him say out in the open, that he believes that’s more Americans vote, more would participate in our democracy–he and other Republicans couldn’t get elected.”

He continued: “That may very well be true, but that is not a reason to disenfranchise people. It’s a reason to change their platform. But I do think that like they tried in Wisconsin, the Republicans may try to force people to choose their vote or our health and we need to insist, and I think needs to be a very important point, in terms of protecting the health care of our democracy.”

“We need to insist that every American in the fall if they choose to do so, has easy access to voting by mail with a postage-paid ballot. Because we can’t preserve the health of our country if we allow the health of our democracy to be destroyed,” Schiff said. Continued Below

Reacting to the Coronavirus Task Force briefings, the California congressman claimed: “This is a president where everything is about him.”

“He enjoys talking about himself, his accomplishments. I think those press conferences have been a toxic mix of misinformation from the president, self-promotion attacks on rivals,” he alleged. “You know, I’ve been urging for some time frankly, that uh, stations stop covering those press conferences live because of their penchant of misinformation. And now we see with graphic results, the president touting Clorox as a potential cure.”

Fact check: At no time did President Donald Trump ever tell Americans to use “Clorox” as a cure for COVID-19. Schiff’s Clorox claim is false. (The president’s exact statement on disinfectants can be read here). Video Below

Rep. Adam Schiff on “voting by mail with a postage-paid ballot”:

Schiff on the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings:

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