Greg Gutfeld Buries Brian Stelter’s Latest Insinuation That Trump Is Racist: “Go Home. Take A Bath.”

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and CNN’s Brian Stelter had an interesting back and forth in regards to drama that unfolded at President Trump’s coronavirus press briefing on Monday.

Stelter and his colleague Wolfe Blizter insinuated in their post-briefing discussion that President Trump was racist because he simply told CBS WH Correspondent Weijia Jiang to “ask China” after she hurled a “nasty question” during the briefing.

In response to CNN’s reaction to the drama during Trump’s press briefing, Gutfeld tweeted, “An analogy: Bob swears at rude drivers often. Then he swears at a rude driver who’s not white. CNN says, Aha: Bob’s racist. Their grift: ignore the color-blind behavior & selectively pick an instance that enables a smear. CNN must know they’re doing this. Trash.”

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Brian Stelter must have assumed Gutfeld was talking about him in his tweet, so he tried to save face by daring Gutfeld to follow his demand, otherwise his analogy will be considered void.

“If you can send me several other examples of the president saying the words ‘ask China,’ twice, in response to a single question, then your analogy holds up. Until then… it doesn’t,” Stelter said in a reply back to Gutfeld. See Below

Stelter Responds To Gutfeld

In calculated fashion, Gutfeld buried Stelter after seeing the CNN host took his bait.

“THAT’S your defense?” Gutfeld questioned. “That all Trump’s references to China’s dealings -from trade to fentanyl to corona – which go back years, publicly – must conform to your desperate specifications? So, it must be “TWICE?”

“Do you realize how hilarious that is?” he added. “Go home. Take a bath.”

Video Below

In ending, here is video of Stelter having a meltdown because “right-wing media” was focusing more on ObamaGate than the coronavirus: