Trump Reacts To Pompeo Allegedly Being Investigated For Staffer Walking His Dog: “Do You Know How Stupid That Sounds To The World?”

[Image source: Mike Pompeo's Twitter. Fox News video screenshot. Swamp Drain compilation].

President Donald Trump reacted Monday over Secretary of State Mike Pompeo allegedly being under investigation for having a staffer “walk his dog”, asking a reporter, “Do you know how stupid that sounds to the world?”

Just days after State Department Inspector General Steve Linick was fired, media outlets are now reporting that he was looking into whether Secretary of State Mike Pompeo required a staffer to walk his dog, pick up his dry cleaning, and make dinner reservations, and other personal errands, The Daily Wire reported.

NBC reported that “two congressional officials assigned to different committees” told them what the IG was investigating and that now congressional officials are trying to figure if Linick had additional investigations into Pompeo.

“The officials say the staffer who was alleged to have been made to do personal tasks is a political appointee who was serving as a staff assistant. CNN reported last year that congressional Democrats were investigating a different complaint, this one from a whistleblower, alleging that Pompeo’s diplomatic security agents were made to perform similar personal tasks,” NBC reported.

“The House first obtained details of the inspector general investigation late last week after learning of Linick’s sudden removal. Congressional oversight officials investigating the matter believe the firing was direct retaliation for his pursuing the investigation,” NBC added.

President Trump told reporters on Monday: “I don’t know anything about it. I heard about it at the same time, maybe you heard about it. I don’t know anything about it. You mean he’s [reportedly] under investigation because he had somebody walk his dog from the government? … I don’t think it sounds that important to me.”  Continued Below

The president praised Pompeo, saying he was “number one at West Point” and “number one at Harvard or close”, adding: “They’re bothered because he’s having somebody walk his dog? … But this is what you get with the Democrats. Here’s a man supposed to be negotiating war and peace with major, major countries with weaponry like the world has never seen before. And the Democrats and the fake news media– they’re interested in a man who’s walking their dog?”

Trump suggested “maybe” Pompeo is “busy” and that “negotiating with Kim Jong Un about nuclear weapons”, adding that the Secretary of State may have asked them: “Sir, could you walk my dog? Do you mind walking my dog? I’m talking to Kim Jong Un. Or, I’m talking to President Xi about paying us for some of the damage they’ve caused to the world and to us. Please walk my dog.'”

“To who? A secret service person or someone, right? I don’t know, I think this country has a long way to go. The priorities are really screwed up when I read this,” the president expressed. Video Below

“Look, he’s a high-quality person, Mike. He’s a very brilliant guy. Now, I have you telling me about dog-walking, washing dishes. And you know what? I’d rather him on the phone with some world leader than have him wash dishes because maybe his wife is not there? Or his kids aren’t there? What are you telling me? It’s terrible. It’s so stupid. Do you know how stupid that sounds to the world? Unbelievable,” Trump told the reporter.

President Donald Trump’s official remarks:

In a tweet on Sunday, Mike Pompeo posted on his personal Twitter account a photo of himself and his puppy, Mercer.

“Introducing… Mercer” he tweeted. “She’s named after General Hugh Mercer, who fought in the Revolutionary War and was a close friend of George Washington. Also, my mother’s maiden name!”