McCarthy On If He’s Ever Speaker: “I Will Never Refer To A President About Being Morbid” Or “Rip Up The SOTU”

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy disclosed the stark differences in leadership he would undertake compared to Nancy Pelosi if he became Speaker of the House.

McCarthy gave his thoughts on the hypothetical subject after a reporter questioned him over President Trump’s treatment of the House Majority.

The reporter asked McCarthy, “If you were Speaker of the House and there’s a Democratic President, do you expect the President to treat you the same way Trump is treating the House Majority right now in terms of oversight?”

“I will never refer to a President about being morbid in any shape or form if I’m Speaker of the House and it comes from a Democrat as well” McCarthy replied.

“I will not rip up the State of the Union from a Democratic President either,” he added. “I will hold that as a historical document that they’re meant to be.”

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“I will not impeach just for political praxis — not for any other. I will believe in the rule of law,” McCarthy continued. “I will not take over Congress just to have power and allow only 20 people to vote.”

“You know, there’s a reason why we’ll change power in November. And there’s a reason why the Speaker of office will come back to uphold the Constitution and believe in the law of which we so rightfully should be passing,” McCarthy concluded. Video Below


McCarthy’s remarks came just one day after Speaker Pelosi called President Trump “morbidly obese” in reaction to the President admitting to taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against COVID-19.

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