Richard Grenell Calls Out Politico For ‘Fake News’ Over Claim That He’s Joining Trump Campaign

[Image source: NBC News, MSNBC, & Page Youtube video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Former acting DNI Richard Grenell called out Politico on Tuesday for publishing a story claiming that he was joining the Trump campaign, calling it “fake news.”

Politico’s story alleged that Grenell was aiding President Trump’s re-election team, specifically in “fundraising and strategy.” The article was cited by “two people familiar with the matter.”

After Political published their story, Grenell vehemently denied Politico’s article. “Fake news. Do you even check before writing? What has happened to Washington DC media?!” Grenell wrote before Politico’s Natasha Bertrand deleted her tweet, who had shared the story.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale also slammed Politico’s report, tweeting: “Here is more proof of #FakeNews. I like @RichardGrenell and we are friends but this story isn’t true. Just more garbage of people making sensational claims.”

Despite the denial from Grenell and the Trump campaign, the report was shared across social media, including the Biden campaign.

“And just like that, @RichardGrenell has been unmasked as the Trump campaign deputy press secretary that he was all along,” Biden campaign rapid response director Andrew Bates tweeted in response to the Politico claim, which was also retweeted by Biden’s press secretary TJ Ducklo. Continued Below

Politico’s Natasha Bertrand’s deleted tweet.

Meanwhile, Politico stood by their reporting, but Grenell fired back at its communications vice president Brad Dayspring, who pressed the former acting DNI on what specifically was incorrect about its report.

“The entire story isn’t true. And your response is scary – you don’t believe the campaign denial nor mine. But claim you have some anonymous source. Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?” Grenell asked.

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Grenell also called out Samantha Power on Wednesday, as she tweeted an article from Politico about Russia “conspiracy theories”, and Grenell wrote: “After spending years peddling a Russian collusion hoax, but under oath admitting you saw NOTHING, forgive us if we ignore your new warnings.”