Jeff Sessions To Sen. Jones: “Doug, You Are A Radical Leftist, A Pawn For Schumer … Now You Join The Woke Mob To Erase History. YOU Are History”

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The Republican-led Senate Armed Services Committee has approved an amendment to the annual defense policy bill that would require the Pentagon to rename bases and other assets that are named after Confederate military leaders, The Hill reported.

The amendment, offered by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), was approved by voice vote Wednesday during the committee’s closed-door markup of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The amendment would give the Pentagon three years to remove the Confederate names, per The Hill.

On Friday, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions called out Doug Jones after the Democratic Alabama Senator reportedly voted to rename the military bases, which led to a heated Twitter spat between the two.

“[Doug Jones] vote[d] to remove from all military facilities and installations, the names of every soldier who fought for the Confederacy– betrays the character and decency of every soldier, who fought for the South in that bloody and monumental war, whose courage [and] duty reached the highest levels, on both sides. Naming U.S. bases for those who fought for the South was seen as an act of respect and reconciliation towards those who were called to duty by the States,” Sessions wrote Friday.

He continued: “It was not then and is not now an affirmation of slavery. The slavery question had been settled by the war. Alabama’s Senator must be able to effectively and honorably explain these things in the Senate and not capitulate to the emotions of the radical left. Instead, [Doug Jones] has wholly capitulated to the politically correct radicals who are working day and night to erase American history, right before our very eyes.”

“Make no mistake, this is not a little matter. It reveals a profound deficit in his understanding of what it means to be AL’s Senator. Doug Jones’ vote seeks to erase AL’s & America’s history and thousands of Alabamians for doing what they considered to be their duty at the time,” Sessions said. Continued Below

“Rest assured: I have never cowered from confronting the politically correct mob, and when I return to the Senate, I will boldly stand for Alabama and against the leftist radicals who are seeking to erase our nation’s history,” the former Attorney General added.

Senator Doug Jones responded on Saturday writing: “Delete your account Jeff. This came out of a Republican controlled Senate committee on a strong bi-partisan vote. I know it’s tough for you to be on the right side of history when it comes to the Confederacy, but you should give it a try.”

Shortly after, Sessions replied to Jones: “If you and the radical left had your way, the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument would be razed to the ground. I will never back down to the woke mob—be it Republican or Democrat. This insane attempt to erase American history has to end.” Continued Below

“You voted against [Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL)] Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. You voted against banning late-term abortion. So spare me your disingenuous talk about being on the ‘right side of history.’ If only you were as concerned about babies as you are about monuments,” Sessions told Jones.

Sen. Jones responded again saying: “Ok Jeff, let’s try this one more time: the vote was a bi-partisan vote of the Republican controlled Senate Armed Services Committee and dealt only with the Confederacy and the U.S. Military.”

But Sessions fired back informing the Democratic Senator: “Doug, you are a radical leftist, a pawn for Chuck Schumer. You voted to impeach President Trump, reject Justice Kavanaugh, voted against an end to late-term abortions, and now you join with the woke mob to erase history. YOU are history.”

Jeff Sessions is running to defeat Jones in Alabama, and according to Alabama Forestry Association (AFA), Sessions is closing a gap with former Auburn University head football coach Tommy Tuberville. Continued Below

The survey, conducted May 21-27 with 705 likely GOP voters via live phone calls and of only the First and Second Congressional District, the southwestern and southeastern portions of the state respectively, shows a statistical dead heat, reported Yellow Hammer News.

The poll conducted by Public Insight Research showed both Sessions and Tuberville earning 41.99% of the vote and 16% undecided on the ballot test portion of the survey. When broken down by each congressional district, Sessions leads Tuberville 45.2% to 39.6% in the First Congressional District, while Tuberville has a 44.4% to 38.75% in the Second Congressional District, per Yellow Hammer News.

Jeff Sessions’ official tweets:

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