Rep. Nunes Says Around ‘Fourteen Criminal Referrals’ Have Been Made In Relation To Russia Probe Origins

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Congressman Devin Nunes disclosed to the public on Monday that Republicans on the House Intelligence Comittee are now up to “around fourteen criminal referrals” related to their investigation into Russia probe origins.

Nunes made the revelation while speaking to Lou Dobbs about the status of their investigation, which has been going on over the last four years.

Congressman Nunes declared that House Republicans are the only ones who have been conducting a “real investigation” and now that that leadership has changed at the DOJ over the last two years, it’s been easier to get many of their important questions answered.

“The first two years of the investigation, they were busy trying to get rid of the President who appointed many of those people,” Nunes told Lou Dobbs. “So now there’s a real investigation going on because the adults are in the room. I believe that the U.S. attorney out of Connecticut (John Durham), who has a tremendous track record, is doing his very best along with U.S. attorney out of Missouri and also one out of Texas.”

“We’ve constantly been looking at unanswered questions that we have. We’ve turned to parts of the Department of Defense,” he added. “I’m talking about just the Republican investigation in the House.”

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“We have many unanswered questions that we’ve gotten to the appropriate authorities at the Department of Justice,” he continued. “And we have recommended many criminal referrals now. I think we’re up to somewhere around fourteen criminal referrals that we have now made to the Department of Justice.”

“So our investigation continues. Thankfully, we now have the Department of Justice itself conducting an investigation,” Nunes said. Video Below