Stephen King Vents His Irritation Over ‘Trump Signs’ Popping Up In His ‘Little Patch Of America’: “REALLY?”

[Image source: Amazon Trump yard sign picture. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert video screenshot. Swamp Drain compilation].

Author Stephen King is apparently irked, so irked, in fact, that he took to Twitter Friday to vent his irritation over seeing “a lot of Trump signs” popping up in Maine, where he resides, amid the upcoming November presidential election.

“I have started to see a lot of Trump signs in my little patch of America, and each one provokes the same surge of unreality,” King tweeted.

Stephen King continued: “I think, ‘Really? After all the deaths, and all he’s done to wreck the economy? REALLY?'”

In 2016, Stephen King spoke to Ron Charles, editor of The Washington Post’s Book World, during a Facebook Live interview, saying, “A Trump presidency scares me more than anything else,”.

“It scares me to death to the point where I’ve actually thought of moving to Canada, which is close to Maine,” he added.

Meanwhile, following King’s post on Twitter Friday, users on Twitter responded to his remarks, showing their support for President Donald Trump. Continued Below

We leave you with a few of those responses:

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