Sen. Graham On The Identity Of The Steele Dossier Sub-Source: “Someone Needs To Go To Jail”

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Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham declared on Sunday that “someone needs to go to jail” in wake of new revelations stemming from the infamous Steele dossier, which was ultimately used by the FBI to get FISA warrants.

Oddly enough, much of the information used by Christopher Steele to create his dossier reportedly came from none other than an American-based sub-source by the name of Igor Danchenko.

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According to the New York Times, the FBI knew the identity of Steele’s sub-source, however, they agreed not to reveal his identity so that he could protect himself.

That all changed though after Attorney General William P. Barr “directed the FBI to declassify a redacted report about its three-day interview of Mr. Danchenko in 2017 and hand it over to Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Mr. Graham promptly made the interview summary public while calling the entire Russia investigation “corrupt,” the New York Times reported.

In response to the latest revelation, Senator Graham told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, “We have learned from the memo that we just declassified that the Russian sub-source, who was American-based — not Russian-based — told Christopher Steele, ‘Here’s what I’ve got. It’s bar talk, it’s rumor, it’s innuendo, it’s not really reliable.'”

“And what did Christopher Steele do with that?” Graham questioned. “He turned it into a Tom Clancy novel. He sold it to the FBI. They sold it to the FISA court to get a warrant against Carter Page.”

“And what does this memo show?” Graham asked. “That in January of 2017 when they found the Russian sub-source, who was in the United States, he disavowed the dossier as being reliable. The FBI knew it — did a 40 page memo — but the FBI continued to lie to the (FISA) court, getting new warrants on the dossier in April and June of 2017, after they knew it was a bunch of garbage.”

“They continued to use it anyway. Someone needs to go to jail,” Sen. Graham declared. Video Below