Joe Biden: “The Only Person Calling To Defund The Police Is Donald Trump… He’s Pathological”

[Image source: Twitter video screenshot.]

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was seen in video that surfaced on social media Tuesday, claiming that the “only person calling to defund the police” is President Donald Trump.

A reporter had asked Biden about Trump campaign ads, saying: “They would say that you want to defund the police. It seems to be trying to frighten some folks. Can you set the record straight on that?”

“I not only don’t want to defund the police, I’m the one calling for 300 billion-million more for local police for community policing,” Biden said.

“I also think we should add social workers and psychologists to help police on 911 calls. The only person calling to defund the police is Donald Trump,” he claimed.

“Look at his budget,” Biden continued. “He calls for cutting police funding for local– state and local help by 400 million dollars. Once again, he’s pathological.”

During a “Now This” interview in July, Biden told activist Ady Barkan that some funding should “Yes, absolutely” be redirected from police, amid calls from some in his party to “defund the police”. Video Below

Joe Biden’s claims:

Trump has said Biden wants to “defund the police,” although both candidates have noted that they do not wish to do so, according to an ABC News fact check.

“Despite their policy differences, neither Trump nor Biden have shown any explicit support for defunding the police,” the fact check reported.

On Tuesday, President Trump tweeted: “BLM Protesters horribly harass elderly Pittsburgh diners, scaring them with loud taunts while taking their food right off their plate. These Anarchists, not protesters, are Biden voters, but he has no control and nothing to say. Disgraceful. Never seen anything like it. Thugs!”

“And because of weak and pathetic Democrat leadership, this thuggery is happening in other Democrat run cities and states. Must shut them down fast. Biden and his most Liberal in Senate running mate, Kamala, won’t even talk about it. They won’t utter the words, LAW & ORDER!” he declared.

The president was referring to protesters who harassed an elderly couple in Pittsburgh which surfaced on social media:

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