Biden Vows To ‘Take On The NRA’ & ‘Ban Assault Weapons’ If Elected, NRA Fires Back: “Come & Take it, Joe”

[Image source:, CBS video screenshot, and C-SPAN video screenshot. Swamp Drain compilation].

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden tweeted on Sunday that he vows to “take on the NRA” and “ban” assault weapons if he is elected.

The National Rifle Association fired back at Biden, daring him to “come and take it, Joe.”

Joe Biden’s official tweet:

In a series of tweets, the NRA quickly responded to Joe Biden’s “tyrannical gun control policies”, saying it “will only negatively impact law-abiding Americans.”

The NRA wrote, “Here are the facts: ☞A congressionally-mandated study found the ‘assault weapons ban’ had NO IMPACT ON CRIME. ☞More research found NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE the ban had an effect on mass shootings/violent crime. ☞MURDER RATES WERE 19.3% HIGHER during the ban. DON’T LIE JOE.” Continued Below

“The Fed ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban was ineffective. Studies found no impact on crime & murder rates surged 19.3%. Stripping law-abiding citizens of their guns threatens the security of all Americans. The AR-15 is the most popular rifle for home-defense. Come and Take it, Joe,” the NRA dared.

In another tweet, the NRA pointed out, “Moments ago, Biden promised to ‘take on the NRA’ & ban AR-15s. This from a guy who can’t give a teleprompted speech without screwing up. We must stay vigilant. If Joe enters the WH, his extremist handlers take control. Vote like your gun and life depend on it. Because THEY DO!”

Lastly, the NRA tweeted a picture of Biden appearing to sniff an AR-15 and wrote, “Joe Biden is sniffing for YOUR guns. The best way to tell him to COME AND TAKE IT is to Vote NOV. 3!”

In March, Biden made the assertion at a pre-Super Tuesday rally in Texas after being endorsed by Beto O’Rourke, that he would make the former Texas Congressman the head of his effort on gun control if he, in fact, wins the 2020 election.

Last year, Beto declared, “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!” Video Below

Here is a reminder of comments made by Joe Biden earlier in the year, and a union worker’s response to gun-grabbing politicians:

NRA’s official responses to Joe Biden:

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