During A Live Interview, Jim Cramer Asks Pelosi: “What Deal Can We Have, Crazy Nancy?”

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CNBC host Jim Cramer echoed remarks made by President Trump during a Tuesday interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), calling her “Crazy Nancy.”

Cramer made the comment when he questioned her about the odds for a coronavirus relief package. He apologized for making the comment to the California Democrat, indicating he had meant to paraphrase the president.

“What deal can we have, Crazy Nancy?” Cramer asked Pelosi.

“I’m sorry, that was the president, I have such reverence for the office. I would never use that term,” he immediately said.

“But you just did,” Pelosi responded, laughing it off.

“Oh, come on. You know what I mean, you know what I mean. The reverence I have for the office is so great, ” Cramer said, which prompted Pelosi to reply, “I do.” Continued Below

“Anything the president says is a projection of his own insecurities. He calls other people crazy because he knows he is,” Pelosi claimed. “He complains about this, that, and the other, because he knows his own shortcomings.”

She continued: “He’s a master of projection. So anytime he says something you say, ‘Uh-oh, that’s what he’s thinking of himself.’ As I do this, I’m touching my pen here, which is a pen, which says on the flag-pin, and on it it says, ‘One country. One destiny.’ … And that’s what we’re about.

Pelosi also alleged President Trump “disrespects” the Constitution, adding that Trump “degrades” the land across America “twice a week, if not almost everyday”. She also claimed that the president “denigrates” the people of America and Native Americas, and that Trump “dishonors” the values “of our country”. Video Below

“People do listen to the president, his words weigh a ton. And when we have a new president, Joe Biden, I think he will be a very unifying force. He believes, as do I, as what our founders gave us guidance” Pelosi said.

Jim Cramer’s exchange with Nancy Pelosi:

Jim Cramer later tweeted:

The president has coined the phrase “Crazy Nancy” for the California Democrat House Speaker, using it on many occasions, and most recently, he repeated it during a rally in Michigan last week.

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