Biden Implies Trump ‘Forgot About Us’ Since Being Elected, Don Jr. Concurs: “Yea, He Didn’t Worry Too Much About You & Your Kind”

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Joe Biden set himself up to be roasted by Twitterverse on Monday evening, and Donald Trump Jr. immediately pounced on the opportunity.

For whatever reason, Biden’s ‘handlers’ must have thought it was a good idea to attack President Donald Trump by implying that the Commander-In-Chief “forgot about us” after being elected back in 2016.

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Biden tweeted, “Donald Trump ran for office saying he would represent the forgotten men and women of this country — and as soon as he got in office, he forgot about us.”

The statement from the former Vice President’s account ignored the fact that Trump has kept his word on nearly issue he campaigned on, which involves helping all Americans regardless of their race, religion or creed.

As per Dana White’s convention speech, “President Trump may be the only President in modern times who has actually done everything he said he would do during his campaign.”

As promised in his 2016 campaign, Trump has made it a mission to “Drain The Swamp” while taking a completely different approach to Washington politics compared to that of bureaucrats and career-politicians, such as Biden.

Donald Trump Jr. used that notion to make Biden’s tweet against the president blow up in his face.

“If by ‘us’ you mean career politicians who’ve spent a half-century in government, then yeah, he didn’t worry too much about you and your kind,” Trump Jr. tweeted. Video Below

Donald Trump Jr. Shoots Down Joe Biden