‘Mueller’s Pit Bull’ Slams Trump’s Handling Of His COVID-19 Diagnosis, Instantly Backfires

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s so-called “pit bull,” Andrew Weissmann, issued a statement after taking note of how President Donald Trump handled his COVID-19 diagnosis after testing positive for the virus.

Instead of recovering at the White House, the Commander-In-Chief took the advice from his personal doctors and went to Walter Reed Military Medical Center “out of an abundance of caution” for additional testing and treatment.

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Weissmann, who was Robert Mueller’s right hand man in the over two-year long investigation into alleged Trump/Russia collusion, put more of his anti-Trump bias on full display when he slammed the President for taking “science” into consideration “when his life is at stake.”

Weissman tweeted, “Trump goes to hospital as a result of an illness he publicly said was a Democrat hoax. And he does not stay at home and imbibe Clorox as a cure. When *his* life is at stake, science now matters.”

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Andrew Weissmann’s Official Tweet

Twitterverse took note of Weissmann’s tweet, and made it backfire as there were more comments knocking down what he implied versus likes and shares of his post.

Here are some of the most highly-engaged responses: