Blumenthal Tells Amy Coney Barrett ‘I Will Oppose Your Nomination’, Trump Weighs In: “He Lied & Cheated”

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President Donald Trump weighed in on Twitter Monday as Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) gave his opening statement during day one of the Senate confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

The president slammed Blumenthal, as he apparently watched the Connecticut Democrat Senator “lecture all on morals and ethics”, and he pointed out Blumenthal’s false comments about serving in Vietnam.

In his opening remarks on Monday, Senator Blumenthal told Judge Barrett that he would “oppose” her nomination because, if confirmed, he predicted that she will rule as a justice to strike down the Affordable Care Act.

“…. I will oppose your nomination. Your nomination is about the Republican goal of repealing the Affordable Care Act, the Obama Care they seem to detest so much … protections for people with pre-existing conditions, tax credits that will make health care more affordable, bans on charging women more simply because they are women,” he said.

“Your participation, let me be very blunt, in any case involving Donald Trump’s election would immediately do explosive enduring harm to the Court’s legitimacy and to your own credibility. You must recuse yourself,” Blumenthal also demanded.

The Commander in Chief criticized Blumenthal on Twitter writing, “So Crazy to watch Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut lecture all on morals & ethics when for 25 years he said he was a Great War Hero in Vietnam, and he was never even there. He lied & cheated right up until the day he got caught. Thank you to those in military who turned him in!” Continued Below

The president has called out Senator Blumenthal several times, referring to him as the “phony Vietnam con artist“, “Da Nang Richard”, “Da Nang Dick”, and “Hanoi Dick”.

The president blasted the Connecticut Democrat Senator last month when Blumenthal said he was going to be “fighting like hell to defeat” Judge Barrett “using every possible tool”.

“Hanoi Dick, who lied for years by saying he was a war hero in Vietnam, and was never even there (Impeach him!), should not be entitled to a vote on anything of importance!” President Trump tweeted in September. Video Below

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a legal challenge to the ACA on November 10.

California v. Texas and Texas v. California (consolidated for one hour of argument on Nov. 10): Whether the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that virtually every American obtain health insurance is constitutional and, if not, whether the rest of the ACA can survive, as reported by SCOTUS Blog.

President Donald Trump’s official tweet:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s remarks in part:

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The president also noted of healthcare:

Senator Richard Blumenthal’s full opening statement:

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