Biden Press Secretary Claims That Twitter Blocking NYP’s Article ‘Makes Clear’ That It’s ‘False’

Jamal BrownVideo Screen Shot

Social media giant Twitter made a highly controversial decision on Wednesday to block a damning report by the New York Post that implicates Joe Biden in potentially illegal activity when he was Vice President.

The Post’s article details some alleged files that were discovered on a laptop that include photos and videos of Hunter Biden along with at least 40,000 emails, one of which suggests Joe Biden was involved in a business meeting with a Ukrainian executive while serving as Vice President.

While details of the alleged meeting are still unknown, the email along with other uncovered documents on the laptop pull into question how much influence Joe Biden had on some of Hunter’s multi-million dollar business dealings during the years of the Obama Administration.

In wake of the undisputed report, Twitter blocked all links of the article from being shared on it’s platform, and even locked accounts of prominent Republicans who shared related material, including White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

In response, the Biden campaign’s national press secretary Jamal Brown claimed that Twitter’s bold decision to block all links to the New York Post’s article only “makes clear” that allegations covered in the story are “false.”

“I think that Twitter’s response to the actual article itself makes clear that these purported allegations are false, and they’re not true and glad to see social media companies, like Twitter, taking responsibility to limit misinformation,” Brown said in an interview on Thursday. Video Below


Later on Thursday, Senator Ted Cruz vowed to subpoena Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey after the social media giant blocked a follow-up article by the New York Post that was released the following day.

We leave you with video of Cruz reacting to Twitter’s decision to block multiple articles from the New York Post.